Image-Optimization – One of the Ways or Techniques for Reducing Website Load Time

By | January 21, 2012

In today’s busy world, people never wait for anything to come late. They go to places which serves their required thing in a few moments.

When it comes to website users, they too don’t wait for websites which takes longer time to load. They want websites that give them the information they are looking for without wasting time. It is therefore, imperative that website owner makes sure, the website loads quickly for the website users.

Are you worried about how to provide a website that loads quickly? One technique, called image-optimization is an optimal solution for reducing website load time.

The text content in the website loads quickly, whereas the large image files are the main offenders which cause the time longer to load. You need to include images that are of appropriate size to attract the visitors/users instead of filling the whole website with too many image files. You need to re-size every image in your website to make your site quickly loadable.

1) Saving image files in certain format as follows, may eventually decrease the image file size.

  • GIF – For logos.
  • JPEG – For the photographs with lots of colors.
  • PNG – High quality transparent images.

2) Use Photo-shop to re-size your website images. It will lower the file size as well as help you reduce the page load time.

3) Reuse the same images across webpages.

These three points constitute the image-optimization technique. It eventually speeds up your website.