Advantages of Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits over Single Panel Test Kits

By | January 23, 2012

Multi-panel panel drug test kits are used to detect drug metabolites in the urine sample collected from the specified person. The increased use of harmful substances like marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines among the teenagers made their parents to be aware of their kids unhealthy habits. This made them to conduct regular drug tests at home using a couple of drug testing devices. There are two types of test kits available in the market. One is single panel test kit, which is used to identify particular drug and the other is the multi-panel drug test kit which is used to identify a combination of drugs depending on the number of panels the kit has. There are few advantages of multi-panel drug test kits over single panel kits and let us check what they are.

Single panel drug test kits are used to detect the presence of a drug metabolite which we already knew. That is if we are sure about what the other person is abusing then we can use these kits which are made to detect single drugs like marijuana test kit or cocaine test kit. These kind of test kits are helpful to confirm the drug usage by the person. However, if the person has abused other drug which cannot be detected using the single drug test kit, it is nothing but limiting the drug detection. In such case we need to go for another drug test kit which is meant for another drug. Like this the process becomes complicated and also increases the cost. But, if you are sure that the person has abused that particular drug then the kit is functional.

In order to avoid such circumstances faced using single panel drug test kits, multi-panel drug test kits are designed which could effectively detect the abuse of 2-12 drugs using a single sample at the same time. This enables the users to not only find the drug which they are looking for but also helps to detect any other drugs which are present in the system. This saves the time and the cost of the user. These kits are available at affordable cost in many online stores. Hence in order to detect or find the drug usage, there is no need to go to a laboratory since these test kits are quite helpful for drug detection with out any expert supervision.