How Does Vitamin C Protects Your Skin from Various Skin Problems?

By | February 27, 2012

cosmetics speciality chemical supplier for MENAPeople always doing things for making their skin smooth and glowing; very few people have knowledge on how to protect the skin. Vitamin A, C and E are important for healthy skin. Vitamin C is more important for protecting skin by reducing free radical reactions on skin.

Cosmetics Ingredients suppliersVitamin C is improves skin health makes it glow. Vitamin C has the antioxidant properties which prevent the negative effect of free radicals on skin.

How Does Vitamin C Works:
iscotrizinolVitamin C is a good antioxidant. As its antioxidant it works against the free radicals to prevent those actions on skin. Generally free radicals develop due to exposure to sunshine, pollution, cigar smoking. Vitamin C provides the production of collagen that is critical in increasing the skin firmness. It enhances production of collagen and thus essential for skin toning.

BemotrizinolCollagen production is important for skin, when collagen production is insufficient; skin becomes dull. Collagen is important for developing and connecting the tissues.

Good diet habits increase vitamin C in your body. Citrus fruits like strawberry, kiwi and fresh vegetables like cabbages, green peppers, spinach etc.. are the major sources of vitamin C.

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