How to Hire a Top Performer

By | February 29, 2012

Hiring a top performer is a good thought to the organization because generally top performers do not require longtime training, they are capable of learning things without training. Top performers have more knowledge on the organization behavior and have knowledge on business competency. Top performers are the capable persons who accept targets and easily reach their targets. Hiring of top performer is a beneficial idea but how to hire them is a tough one. Organization can hire the top performer easily by following few steps:

Conduct a Fit Interview: This is the initial step, remember it is the interview for fit candidates. Here ask the questions on educational background, previous job experiences, personal tastes and other related questions to check the candidates skills. By asking these questions you can get know things like if he is suitable to your work culture?, Can he become a good team player?, etc.

Behavioral Test: This test is conducted for the shortlisted candidates, this formal interview generally is conducted based on formally structured questions. These questions are same to all candidates, the managers collect the answers for these questions from the candidates, and then they are given particular score for every answer. Behavioral test is conducted for checking the candidates competency and performance. Behavioral test takes time for attaining the clarity on candidates performance.

Psychometric Test: Here they check the candidates motivational skills, interpersonal skills, and working abilities. They predict the candidate’s future performance. These psychometric test gives the red flag to the unfit candidates.

If you have no sufficient recruiters, these steps are very beneficial to hire a top performer as your team player. Generally mangers conduct these tests to recruit the candidates.