Enhance Your Home Beauty with Hanging Flower Pots

By | March 30, 2012

garden accessoriesHanging flower pots are the best solutions when you do not have enough space in your house. They not only create a beautiful atmosphere but also are excellent space savers. They can be placed in your front porch or balcony. They can also be placed indoors to create a special visual appeal.

The important things you should consider when planning to arrange hanging flower pots include the selection of right flowering pot, right flowers and right location for hanging them. The right size and design of the flowering pot should be selected. You have different types of pots made of plastic, ceramic and terracotta. However, concrete ones are heavier and are not preferable. So, you can use the other two models. It should be ensured that they are hanged properly with the help of strong wires.

It is also required to select the right flowers to be hanged in the pots. All flowers cannot grow well in smaller containers or pots. So, choose the one that have suitable growth in the pots. Also, remember to consider the weather conditions. Some of the common flowering plants which can be grown in hanging flower pots include geranium, petunia, swan river daisy, begonia, calibrachoa, and snapdragon.

Choose the perfect location in your house to hang the flowering pots. Columns of your balconies are the better places to hang flower pots. The other important thing you should remember is to secure the bracket or chain of the pot to a stud. When you consider to place them indoors, you can hang them from a wall bracket secured to the wall. Remember to install or hang them along a right location. Drill the hole, place anchor bolt into the hole in your support. Let it anchor properly and ensure that it is tightly held by screw. Ensure that the string or chain is strong and then hang it with the help of S-hook. Hanging flower pots should not be hanged in entryways and walkways.