Want to Make Hanging Flower Baskets?

By | March 30, 2012

The most integral parts of home decorations are hanging flower baskets. They can be hanged outdoors in your porch, balcony, patio, terrace, and also indoors along the side of your windows. Go through to know how to make your own hanging flower baskets and decorate your home.

The foremost thing you should is to select a basket of appropriate material and size. Different types of flowering baskets are available including wooden, plastic and ceramic. It is, however, recommended to choose plastic or wooden ones. Solid baskets of plastic are often found in different attractive colors and styles. It is, however, preferred to choose a porous basket instead of a solid one. This is because the porous one drains off any excess water.

Once you select a right basket, you need to fill it with a lightweight potting mix. Certain potting mixes are readily available and have slow-release fertilizers. Make sure that the soil is filled within 1-2 inches of the rim which eases the watering process. Also, you can prepare your own potting mix. Consider providing the moisture with water-absorbing crystals or mats. Watering should be done regularly. Particularly, in hotter weather, you should water the soil mix daily.

Choose colorful and blooming flowers to hang in the baskets. Remember to keep taller plants at the center of the basket and the trailing ones along the borders. Miniature roses, vinca, petunia and larger bloom flowers like lobelia, hyssop, calibrachoa should be mixed in a hanging flower basket. Also, use different colors of flowers which complement each other. At the same time you should make sure that these different flowers have same watering and sunlight requirements. Creating your own hanging flower basket is much interesting and enthusiastic instead of purchasing the ready made one from the store.