Know About the Things to Monitor in Your Business Network

By | March 15, 2012

The increased use of technology to run business operations more effectively and efficiently also increased the need for network monitoring for almost all the organizations. A reliable network-monitoring tool effectively detects any issues in the network and alerts the administrators.

The admins are experts and they know what to monitor and how to monitor. But when it comes to a monitoring tool, we have to make sure that it is monitoring all the devices which the admin wants to be monitored. So, let us know the things which should be monitored using monitoring tools.

The first thing and the essential thing to be monitored in a network is the traffic to the network. The tool should also check the kind of traffic that is being used in the company’s LAN. These tools should also check if any of the users are misusing their rights, by attempting to access the restricted areas.

Bandwidth is the next most important thing to note when it comes to monitoring. Keeping an eye on the usable bandwidth enables the admin to check the unnecessary usage of the internet by the employers for their personal means. Increased usage of bandwidth results in the slow down of internet which is often a priority for critical business operations. Moreover, higher usage also leads to decreased productivity of every employee.

Other things like the database efficiency or the server uptime should be watched in order to make sure that the database speed and the resources are not slowing down. As the database speed affects the users performance and reliability, it should be taken enough care.

These are only few things and the basic things which are required to be monitored using a network monitoring tool.