Things to Consider While Buying Used Mobile Phone

By | March 19, 2012

Buying new phone is very expensive. Many people go to the second hand market to buy the phone, because they cannot afford the price to buy new phone. Many high featured phones require high price to buy it first time, therefore, people buy that type of phones in second hand (used phone). Many people loose money while they are buying used mobile phones. Here are some things to consider while buying used mobile phone.

1. For the used mobile phones you may or may not get the guarantee for the phones. While buying used mobile phones you get only verbal guarantee and you do not get any written assurance. Some times the seller shows the guarantee document, in such situations you should check the validity of the guarantee.
2. Know the old owner of the mobile phone, because sometimes used mobile phones are stolen by thieves and are sold. If it is stolen from someone, you may have to face many legal problems.
3. Many used mobile phones might have defect parts. While buying used mobile phone you should check each and every part. Make sure they are all well.
4. Sometimes many people buy used mobile phone without checking whether the mobile is working properly or not.
5. While purchasing the used mobile phone, the seller may or may not give accessories. If they give accessories, check the accessories whether they are original things or not.
6. Though there are several sales for used mobile phones, not all the mobiles are offered at lesser price. In some cases the prices may be actually high. At that time you should check, whether the mobile has that much worth or not.
7. As much as possible try to buy the used mobile phone from known people or in known shops. Do not buy from unknown people.

The above are the various things which you need to consider while purchasing an used mobile phone.