Know About the U.S Top 10 Financial Advisors

By | March 23, 2012

Financial advisors are the professionals who render financial services to the individuals, businesses and the government. The top10 rankings are based on assets under management, quality of the advisors’ practices, and revenue the advisors generate for their firm.

1. Brian Pfeifler of Morgan Stanley is the No.1 U.S financial advisor. He spends a lot of time in examining or evaluating the hedge funds, which he prefers can add alot of value to client’s portfolio if used properly.
2. Roger V. Coleman is the top 2nd advisor, leads Coleman Group at Morgan Stanley which is a team of highly qualified and experienced financial advisors, specializing in corporate service, including stock plan administration, deferred compensation and controlled restricted stock service.
3. Ric Edelman, a New York Times best-selling author ranks 3rd as successful advisor. His firm, Edelman Financial Services LLC, has been ranked as one of the largest financial planning firms in the nation.
4. Ira A. Walker is a Managing Director and financial advisor for The Walker Group at UBS Financial Services Inc. It is placed in the 4th position among the list. The Walker Group is focused on providing customized wealth management and portfolio management strategies to high-net worth and institutional investors.
5. Steven D. Lockshin leads Convergent Wealth Advisors, ranked 5th in the list. He delivers a differentiated offering to individuals and institutions.
6. Gregory Vaughan of Morgan Stanley ranks 6th in the list of U.S financial advisors.
7. Jeff Erdmann of Merrill Lynch develops personalized strategies to meet the needs of individuals with substantial wealth.
8. David R. Zier of Convergent Wealth Advisors, helps develop investment plans and overall wealth strategies for Convergent client.
9. J. Dorian McKelvy of The Menlo Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, ranks 9th in the list.
10. Ron Carson of Carson Wealth Management Group has earned the honor of being the successful advisor with the nation’s largest independent firm, LPL Financial.

The above are the top 10 financial advisors in US.