Things Necessary for Organizing Online Tutorials

By | March 5, 2012

With the evolution of technology and wider usage of internet, online learning methodology is widely used by people across the world.

The things that are necessary for organizing online tutorial classes are:

A computer that is provided with necessary multimedia programs, multimedia devices such as web cam, and interactive devices like audio and video, micro phone and headsets.

A web cam is a video camera that stores the image in a computer through the Ethernet, USB and is used for the world wide web. It is a useful tool for video broadcasting and recording videos.

For establishing an online interaction and communication among and a tutor audio and video materials are required in which they can see each other and speak.

Microphones are electrical devices that convert sound into electrical signals. These are helpful for recording voices.

Headsets are devices that come with two speakers and a single microphone that can be used for listening videos and recorded information.

With the help of all the above devices a good online tutorial classes can be taken place.