Top 10 Home Features that Buyers Look for While Purchasing a House

By | October 5, 2012

Previously, home buyers were concentrated only on buying the homes for their current requirements. But, nowadays, many people are concentrating, choosing and buying the homes that are in sync with the new trends and also, that have better resale value in the future. However, trends differ among the various demographics.

Below are the top 10 home features that buyers want:

  • Open spaces for multiple purposes: In the past days, people used to buy homes that had separate spaces for family operations or functions. But nowadays, people are considering the open spaces and are using it for multiple purposes.
  • Upgraded and modern kitchens: Kitchen is the important area in a home because it is the central and most used area. Mostly many buyers will buy if this place convinces them. So, the kitchen should be clean and have extended facilities for storing kitchen items and modern beautiful cabinets.
  • Smaller homes: People are considering smaller homes because big homes are expensive. Instead they are looking for open floors and also looking to stagers and designers to create functional, practical and appealing areas which serve a variety of functions.
  • Outdoor living spaces: Many buyers are looking for some space in their homes for creating outdoor vacationing lush and also to add value to their home.
  • Neutral decor: You add the neutral decor to your home if you know how to do home staging, otherwise, take the help of professional home stagers. This home staging can gain appeal as more and more buyers are willing to pay more money for a home having a neutral color palette.
  • Going green: Buyers are looking for green homes which save lot of money on energy. They want to decrease energy footprint in response to the global concern about the environment and it is also all about financial conservation.
  • Closets and smart storage options: Buyers are looking for storing enough amount of stuff in the closets which can accommodate all these stuff.
  • Smart growth or density planning: Buyers are looking for homes which offer a rich variety of amenities such as pools, protected natural areas, hiking trails, playgrounds and many more in a tightly packed areas.
  • Double car garages: Buyers want a garage which will serve as multifunctional spot for storing the car. It should act as an entertainment place, work place, etc,.
  • Cost saving fixtures and appliances: Buyers are choosing energy efficient lighting, home appliances in order to save costs.

By working of all these areas while doing home staging, one can be sure of selling away his home quickly at a good price.