Top 10 Home Staging Tips for Selling Your House

By | October 9, 2012

Home staging is a process of selling your home quickly for an extra amount. You can make this possible by highlighting and improving the major parts of the house to attract the potential buyers.

Below are some of the home staging tips:

1. Concentrate on doorways and entrances: When a buyer visits your home, they first look at the entrances and doorways. If these are in bad condition then they get a bad impression of the home. So, to attract guests or the buyers, these doorways and entries should be repaired in order to make them look good.

2. Put best photos in the Internet: Hire a good photographer and let him take the best pics of your property in all the angles. Put them on the Internet and also provide a facility to view your property live on the online. This is one of the best ways to attract potential buyers.

3. Clean your outdoors: Concentrate on the outdoor maintenance of your property. Look whether your landscaping is good or not. Cut or trim the bushes, plants, lawn on the walkways and put the potted plants to create a great appeal in order to attract the buyers to get in to the property for sight seeing.

4. Remove clutter: Remove all the unnecessary materials or items like toys, papers, etc., and make your home clutter free. Arrange all the essential things in such as way that your home looks spacious.

5. Paint your home: Repaint your home with neutral colors. Choose colors in such a way that they can accommodate a variety of tastes.

6. Keep your bathrooms clean: Make sure that your bathrooms look clean, sparkling and bright.

7. Provide space: Arrange the book shelves, furniture, closets, garage, wall hangings, etc., in a house to beautify the room. But never use these items to cover the entire space of your home. Buyers are reluctant to buy if enough space is not available.

8. Decorate with flowers: Keep fresh flowers around the highlighting parts of the house to bring a positive effect on the minds of the buyers. Remember to keep as minimal flowers as you can.

9. Don’t neglect lighting’s: Always keep your home bright. A dimly lit rooms tend to look small and dingy. So, make sure you arrange for enough lighting.

10. Look for repairs: If plumbing works in kitchens, bathrooms need any repairs, then fix it up. Repair the roofs if there is any problem.

Apart from the above mentioned things, there are many other things to consider while home staging like sound proofing, cleaning, good ventilation, etc., in order to attract a potential buyers for selling the property.