What are the Drawbacks of Cloud Computing Technology?

By | January 19, 2013

Cloud Computing allows users to access all documents and applications anytime and from anyplace in the world but nothing is perfect in the world. Cloud computing is no exception, cloud computing is not for everyone, there are several pros and cons that are associated with it. Cloud computing offers some benefits to some users and for others it won’t. Given below are some of the drawbacks associated using cloud computing technology.

Continuous Internet connection is necessary because Cloud Computing is based on the Internet. Else you cannot access documents and applications. If you have internet also, reliable connection is necessary otherwise your business will slow down or gets affected. Cloud Computing doesn’t work if there is no Internet connection.

High speed Internet is required because if you want to download large documents or web based applications, a lot of band width is required. However in most countries high speed connection is not a major problem but slower speed connections are not suitable for cloud computing.

Many people are concerns about data privacy and security because they host data on someone else’s server that is cloud. And also some are fearing that their data is getting divulged to competitors which makes their business dull. For protecting systems, cloud technology is not suitable.

There are limited features in web-based applications compared to their desktop versions. For example, using Microsoft PowerPoint basics on Cloud Computing are same but it lacks many of the advanced features of PowerPoint.

Users need to depend on the vendors to keep their data secured properly to back up data and do the maintenance and upgrades to ensure the smooth flowing of the service. Not every cloud company do this.