How to Dress Up for a Night Party?

By | May 22, 2013

Dressing right requires you to look delightful, different and in sync with the occasion. You are not ready for any occasion unless you are dressed appropriately. You can easily dress for a day party with little effort, but it is not the same with night parties. Blame it on the lack of natural light or the cool weather or the extra oomph associated with the night parties, they require you to consider various things to get the right look.

Whatever may be the occasion (Halloween, birthday bash, office meets, wedding, raves, etc.), the following tips will help you look at your best for any given night party.

Dress according to the party theme: When attending for a party, it is better to confirm the theme of the party with the host. Dressing elegantly for the occasion might be fine, but dressing different from the theme, when everyone else is going with the theme may make you feel out of the crowd. Moreover, themed dressing lets you try something unusual and get a break from the routine party dressing.

Though dressing as per the theme is good, also giving priority to the right selection of evening dresses and their colors (since it is a night party) will make you look perfect for the occasion.

Consider fashion and coloration: Parties are the show time. Any thing you wear gets noticed. Hence, display your fashion sense by picking up the right look for yourself keeping the current and popular fashion trends in mind. Also choose the running designs, fabrics, lengths and cuts for your dresses considering the occasion (formal or informal). Color of your dress and your make up too plays an important role in providing you the right look. It being a night party, choose dresses in some bright, electrifying colors or else opt for some light shades like lemon yellow or white, though black being the most classic color for all the night parties.

Wear glow jewelery and accessories: Jewelery and accessories are imperative to complete the look and are to be chosen considering the theme, dress and your physical appearance. Coming to the night party, the traditional jewelery can be conveniently replaced with glow jewelery and accessories. They can be matched with the outfit, thus giving a different, funky, bright and glowing look. Make the right choice from wide range of jewelery such as glow necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, etc., and accessories such as devil horns, flashing skull glasses (specially for Halloweens), flashing tiara, headlocks, etc.

Try to look unique: Looking pleasant is always welcomed, so is looking unique. Put an effort to look different from others. Be creative and liberal in experimenting with your look. Opt for unusual eye popping and shocking colors. Mix and match with various designs, combinations and colors and flaunt them. Imitating the cartoon characters of the theme or sporting glow accessories, apt styling always brings positive attention. But remember, in the zeal of looking unique don’t overdo anything as you may end up looking gaudy.

Dressing need not always be for grabbing attention or looking elegant, it can be even for fun but as long as it is sensible. Hence, the next time you attend a night party, follow all the above said tips to get the right look.