Important Things You cannot Afford to Ignore while Buying a Used House

By | May 1, 2013

Most people don’t inspect thoroughly the house they are going to buy and tend to overlook particularly, when it comes to buying a used house. For them buying a sued house is more important, because of low cost. But, after they purchase the house, they encounter nagging issues in the house. They are forced to bear repairs expenses.

Therefore while purchasing a used house, get the house inspected by experienced professional house inspector. Decide thus, whether the house is worth-purchasing.

In this article, we will discuss on major things to inspect in a used house before you purchase it.

Basement and roofing condition
Basement and roofing systems are very important for any house. Good roofing and strong basement will save your house from severe weather conditions. If these systems are not in good condition, then you may face problems in the future. Look for the condition of the basement like wet walls, formation of dust rings, bucks of silica and for other things that absorbs moisture. Roof leak causes damage to furniture, insulation, electrical wiring, walls, etc,.

Check for the condition of drain pipes
Before you make the final decision, check if the house has any drainage issues such as clogged drain pipes etc. Because, if any such issue is there, it will make a mess.

Electrical wiring system
Electrical safety issues and good electrical wiring system are very important to ensure that the house is in a good and safe condition. Because bad wiring system may lead to short circuit problems in the house. So check for loose wires that are left disconnected.

Check for leakages in pipes. A leaking water pipe is responsible for water wastage. Sometimes these water pipes are responsible for getting muddy water containing debris and other pollutants in your utensils. These pollutants can harm your health.

Working condition of doors and windows
Doors and windows are the safety features of a house. Look out for worn out doors and windows. As replacement of windows and doors is costlier get the issue fixed before purchasing. Or you could look for another home.

Find out if any fire accidents took place earlier
Check if any fire accidents took place earlier. It is very important for your safety concern. If the accident was small, then it is negligible, but if the fire accident was severe like accident due to bad electrical wiring or some other reason, then it is better to ignore that house and search for a house that has minimal issues.

Check for dampness in walls and floor. Damp walls are prone to damage. They cause a typical order.

Check for insulation
If the home is not properly insulated, it may result in high power consumption while cooling or heating it.

Look out for these issues while buying a used house, it will lead to better one.