Replacing the Old Tiles Around Your Bathtub

By | February 5, 2014

Are you replacing the tiles around your bathtub as they are too old or stained? Then, start with the below steps. To make your bathtub and the bath room neat and clean the tiles of the room should be clean without any germs and strains. So, changing the tiles around your bathtub is a better idea for that.

Select the size and type of the tiles
Start with selecting the tiles that will match the size of the tiles around your bathtub. The type of the tiles should be also similar to the one around your bathtub. If you have no idea about the size and type of the tile that should be replaced take the help of the construction worker who puts the tile around your bathtub.

Check the quality of the tile
Ask your construction worker to check the quality of the tiles. He will have an idea how good are the tiles. Ask him to ensure the quality among the choices available and make him to choose the one that will not stain and is durable.

Remove the old tiles
The old tiles around your bath tub should be removed with your worker without getting effect to the other tiles of the room. In order to protect the remaining portion you must cover it with a trap material. To remove the tiles the electric grinding tool is necessary. So, ensure that it is available to the worker before starting the work. Ask him to scrap all the material that is worn out or stained.

Install the new tiles
The new tiles that you bought should be installed properly. The installation of tiles must be started from bottom and moved to top till the end of the tiles that you have removed. This installation should be properly done by grouting the parts that it should cover all over the tiles. The grouting must fill all the spaces that is left in between the tile properly. Later, wipe down all the extra grout with the help of a sponge slowly. This will make the surface even. After that the sealant is applied over the grout. The sealant is required only for specific tiles, not for all. So, construction worker should ensure that and make the tiles sealed well.

This is how tiles are fixed around the bathtub with the help of a skilled worker.