Effects of Smoking on Dental and How to Prevent them

By | June 23, 2014

Smoking causes harmful to health in general as well as dental health. It is, therefore, importation to take measure to prevent the harmful consequences of smoking on teeth.

Identify your teeth
First and foremost thing for smokers is to getting their teeth checked up and injuries or the effects caused by smoking. This is because such are symptoms of ill-health. Also, the effects may vary based on the age of the person.

Harmful effects of smoking on teeth

  • Smoking not only leads to diseases like lung cancer but also affects the oral health. Some of them are:
  • Smoking causes throat cancer and is the main cause
  • Smoking leads to gum diseases and cavities in the teeth
  • Loss of teeth in the people who smoke is more than the normal ones
  • Even though smokers get dental implants, it has less chances of success
  • Chewing tobacco causes stains on the teeth, bad smell from the mouth and makes loss of taste

See a dentist

  • Before your health or the teeth conditions go bad see a dentist who can advise you the remedies to get rid of such dangerous diseases.
  • If your teeth show signs of diseases, immediately go for the clinic to have a check up.
  • Use medication as under dentist’s prescription advice.

Preventive measures to be taken

  • Brush your teeth twice a day without fail.
  • To avoid stains on your teeth start eating fruit and vegetables apples, cauliflower, carrots, etc.
  • Avoid chewing tobacco.
  • If surgery is done, you must at least wait for 72 hours to start smoking.
  • Don’t consume the candies and drinks containing the sugar.
  • Avoid biting foods that are hard and make your teeth hurt.
  • Make sure to stop smoking.
  • Use mouth guards whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Follow dentist’s advice for healthy teeth.
  • See your dentist at least once a month.
  • Make sure to have good oral hygiene and to live in clean surrounding, which keeps you and your teeth healthy and have a long lasting life.

Smoking is one of the root causes of dental ill-health, and the consequences are not reversible. If your are smoking, quit it. The sooner you do, the less damage to your dental you get.