Why Car Oil should be Changed Regularly

By | June 12, 2014

To extend the life of a car, the basic car maintenance you should not neglect on regular basis. The engine of a car is the most important part as it contains more number of moving parts like crank shaft, pistons, shafts and the camshaft. The oil in the engine acts as a lubricant and keeps all the engine parts running clean and smooth. The oil is the life of an engine.

Level of oil should be checked whether high or low for smooth running of engine
Check for the level of oil in the engine when your planning for a long trip, as too high or too low can give trouble to the engine. To check the level of oil in the engine, run your car for a few minutes, then park it on a level surface and shut down the engine. Wait until the engine cools. Open the hood and locate the dipstick. Pull it and wipe it clean and push it into the dip tube until the top of it is seated properly. Wait for a second and check the level of oil on the dip tube. If it’s showing ‘low’ then add oil else change oil completely. The oil should be brownish yellow in color and clean on the stick. If the oil is dark in color with all dust then it completely needs oil change and oil filter must be replaced. The ‘high’ and ‘low’ marks on the dipstick are denoted by 2 dots, an “H” and “L” or shaded part on dipstick.

To avoid wear and tear, change oil once in every three months
Oil is the lifeblood of engine which maintains proper functioning of all the components of an engine by reducing wear and friction. Change oil for every three months or as recommended in your owner’s manual depending on the grade of oil for the coming season. This shows that your maintaining your car by checking the frequency of oil needed by your car. If your having a used car maintain it by changing the oil frequently.

Oil in a car must be changed frequently to extend the lifetime of engine
The oil contains dirt and small pieces of dust particles or metal particles which obstruct the flow from tank to engine. Frequent oil change will flush the dust particles and extend the life of engine.

Engine oil should be checked on regular basis irrespective of the age of the car. Used engine oil contains contaminants which can damage the efficiency of the engine. For every 3,000 to 7,000 miles change the oil or as recommended in owner’s manual as it depends on car’s type and age.

Change oil filters with new ones to keep oil clean
Oil filters must be changed as they contain dust particles and as new oil is filled it will get mixed with the new and clean oil. To preserve the engine, change oil filters with a new one for every oil change. This ensures that whenever you fill your engine with new and clean oil, it is free from all contaminants.

Engine oil absorbs heat from the engine, which prevents overheating of the engine
Do not overfill your engine with oil as it can overheat the engine components. Engine oil absorbs the heat produced in the engine’s combustion chambers and piston by cooling the engine and prevents overheating.

Top up oil as mentioned by the manufacturer
Top up oil with correct capacity as mentioned in the owner’s manual as it depends on car’s model and type. Never exceed the maximum level of top up oil in the engine as it can damage the engine components.