Procedure Before Putting On Dental Braces

By | June 6, 2014

Before getting the braces put, many people are stressed before the treatment starts, this happens due to the unawareness of the treatment. They think that braces could be painful as well as harmful. Well, all the stories heard are wrong. An orthodontist helps the patient to lower their nervousness by giving them counseling regarding the treatment before it starts.

Report taking
On the first appointment before getting the braces on, orthodontist go for a brief consultation as well as counseling with the patient. They’ll be examining the teeth and the severity of the case by taking the images of your teeth from all the portions. These images gives the orthodontist an idea of the case. After taking the images, they put the spacer i.e, separators which are placed in between the molars. These separators helps in keeping the bonding’s. The separators are kept for almost 2-3days before the process starts.

Severity of case
At the time of initial appointment, orthodontist go for the appearance and alignment of the teeth. These examination helps him to determine if the treatment is indicated. The severity of the case comes when the patient is suffering from oral health problems like gummy bite, cross biting, over biting, protruding of teeth, crooked or crowded teeth. According to the severity of case the orthodontist determines the best time to start the treatment. During this period the amount or payment of the treatment could be discussed.

X-ray reports
Taking x-ray report helps the orthodontist to know whether you have any decay present in your enamel, any chances of bone loss around the tooth, or any possible infection around the roots. X-ray reports helps the dentist/orthodontist to see in between the teeth and under the edge of the fillings. This helps them to access on the condition of your mouth and also to check for the hidden problems of the mouth.

Impressions of teeth with dental clay
Dental impression produce a replica of your teeth and oral tissue. A metal or plastic “horseshoe” shaped tray is fitted into the upper and lower teeth. It is either placed on upper or lower teeth so that it covers entire oral arch including the root of the mouth. After keeping the impression the material is kept for a period of time into the mouth. This material becomes hard solid rubber mass product. Now the tray can be removed from the mouth and the product material is sent to the dental laboratory for further processing.

Hence, by knowing the procedure of orthodontic treatment before the dental braces are put, it helps you to give a clear vision of the safety and quality of the product. The benefits as well as the risk of the process will be known before going for the treatment.