What is Email Marketing?

By | May 26, 2014

Email marketing is an important online marketing tool for businesses. Email marketing involves sending commercial messages to customers through email. Email marketing is a direct way of reaching the potential customers at lower cost when comparing with other types of marketing techniques.

Importance of email marketing
With the help of email marketing, small businesses are provided with the opportunities to access with audience at large scale. Following may help you to understand why email marketing is important for any business :

Helps connect with your customers
Email is an effective way for reaching your customers. You are able to communicate with them. In short, you can provide a lot of information to them through email regarding sales, coupons, working hours of the store, feedback request etc.

Enables to send timely information
email marketing, enables businesses to provide the correct information about their product or service (existing as well as new ones), offers/gifts, seasonal discounts, etc. to the customers. It thus, helps them to buy your product or service. This all can happen at any time in a day as internet makes a business available 24×7, that means seven days a week and 24 hrs a day. Thus, avoiding delay in buying or selling activities and can impact customers immediately.

You are able to reach customers at large scale at very low cost
Email marketing helps you in reach thousands of prospects at minimal cost when compared with other types of Internet marketing techniques.
You can also reach your audiences using the tools like Twitter, Facebook, emails or blogs.

How is email marketing different from traditional marketing?
Following are the points differentiating email marketing from traditional marketing :

  • An important difference between email marketing and traditional marketing is difference in cost. Traditional marketing such as printing advertising in news papers and magazines or advertising through television and radio carries price tags whereas email marketing is very inexpensive.
  • Traditional marketing or advertising is viewed by many people, including those who are not potential customers whereas email marketing targets only the selected people who are interested in their product or service.
  • Email marketing helps marketers in reaching the customers with relevant, dynamic and personalized messages which is not possible in traditional type of marketing.
  • Email marketing helps the marketers in tracking the exact return on investment (ROI) and proved to be high when properly done.

Email marketing is an essential tool for any business especially for building relationship with the customers. If properly done can make the business successful.