How to Drive in Snow Safely?

By | July 30, 2014

To drive safely when it is snowing, you need to know the common mistakes most of the people commit when they drive in snow and then tips that will rectify the mistakes.

Mistakes most people commit while driving when it’s snowing

Driving fast
In winter, more snow fall occurs and the roads are entirely filled with snow and you can’t see the roads properly. The roads may have some pot-holes and patch works which may cause accidents or land you in trouble when you drive fast. This is the a mistake that most of the people especially, youth do ignoring the condition of the road condition, or weather.

Following the vehicles too closely
If you follow vehicles too closely, sometimes the vehicle in your front may stop suddenly or one hit you at back, which might damage your vehicle and injure you.

Not alert
Not being alert is dangerous because there may be vehicles surrounding you. If you don’t watch them, take directions accordingly, this may result in hitting the vehicles and you damage them. It’s because you are not prepared to go for the right direction.

Slamming brakes
If you think that your tiers are slipping, you will slam the brakes suddenly, this may remove the friction from tiers so that you will not have control over your vehicle.

Tips to follow while driving in snow

    • Clear all the windows and windshield of your car

While driving in winter your car windows may get fog and the roads won’t be visible so, use some windshield cleaners so that it makes your car windows clear.

    • Turn on your car head lights

It is necessary to turn on the head lights of your car because in winter the roads will be dark with snow, and you cannot see the coming of vehicles opposite to you. So, turn the head lights and drive to avoid accidents.

    • Slam brake pedal slowly

The pedals of your vehicle must be slammed slowly so that there won’t be sudden brakes that leads to damage of your vehicle.

    • Remove the foot on accelerator

If your car rear end begin to skid while driving, remove the foot on the accelerator of your car and turn your cars steering wheel in opposite direction.

Driving when it’s snow is extremely dangerous. However, following these tips, you can have a safe drive in snow. You can also take your own precautions that you feel better.