Styles of Kitchen Sinks

By | March 6, 2015

There are different styles of sinks you can get installed in your kitchen to make it look great. A sink in the kitchen forms an important part for cleaning up, and should withstand daily usage. Choosing the right style of sink is important for your kitchen.

This article gives information regarding the various styles of kitchen sinks and their advantages they provide comparative with other models.

Types of kitchen styles
Farm house

  • This style makes a characteristic of farmhouse where it is a large forward facing section which replaces a particular section of the counter.
  • People who look for country style or traditional designs opt for this style of kitchen sink.
  • Though single bowl sinks are common, these style of sinks are available both in single and double bowl varieties.
  • Farm house sinks requires more work to install and the counter have to be designed specifically to accommodate it.

Top mount

  • Also called drop in sinks, these are inexpensive and are easy to install.
  • It forms one style of kitchen sinks which have to be dropped into a hole in the counter top.
  • Top mount sinks feature a lip or rim which holds the sink in place and gives them a finished look.
  • The rim of the sink excludes the need for a support system internally under the counter.
  • Top mount sinks don’t have a modern appearance as is case of mount sinks, and there is a chance of scum and dirt accumulating between the counter and the rim of the sink.

Under mount

  • Under mount sinks doesn’t have rim or lip and is mounted underneath the counter.
  • The edge of the counter drops off immediately in to the sink basin.
  • In addition, the absence of crevices and grooves that are usually present in the top mount model makes them to clean properly such that no food or particles gets accumulated and gives a modern look.

Single bowl

  • Single bowl basins are available in compact size thus making them ideal for situations with less space.
  • A large single bowl basin offers more advantages comparatively because large basins enables to clean large dishes more easier.
  • Even cleaning the single bowl sinks is much easier due to the reduced number of edges and corners present and are typically cheaper than two or three bowl varieties.

Double bowl

  • Majority of the modern kitchen sinks feature two bowls and ensure flexibility to the user.
  • Double bowl sinks come in varied configurations such as two equal-sized bowls of same depth, two equal bowls of different depths, unequal size bowls, etc.