Things to Consider Before Registering a Domain Name

By | February 27, 2015

Are you looking for a domain name for your website? Just don’t hurry. Read this article to help you understand a few important things, before you purchase a domain name. You need to look for few factors, before you finally select the domain name.

Know each of those factors in detail from the following information.

Check for various types of domains, their availability and history
Before you start the process, determine which domain name you need for your website. Based on that information, start searching for various similar domains that caters for your requirement. Also, check for the availability of domain name in few domain name providers. Sometimes, the domain you have selected might have already been purchased. In that case, try to add relevant keyword and search. After several searches, you may get a list of suggested domain names. Then, you need to narrow down the list to 2 or 3 choices. Just choose the most relevant one from the list.

Not only this, you should also check the history of each domain name; and it is mandatory for your site to not get into troubles or problems. For few domains, there is a chance that they penalized by the Google. So, the website owners will leave the domain name without going for its renewal. In that case, if you purchase that domain name, you may get into troubles.

Avoid trademark infringement
In your research process of domain name, you should also consider avoiding trademark infringement. You should thoroughly check whether the domain name that you have selected doesn’t have trademark rights over or the names that resembles your competitor site’s domain name that may lead to some sort of confusion. See to it that the domain name you have chosen doesn’t violate someone’s trademark.

Get rid of confusing, long, tricky domain names
While selecting the domain names, few precautions you need to take in the name – not picking the abbreviation, hyphens, numbers, etc.; not taking too long names that are hard to type, avoid tricky names that confuse the users. Not following these guidelines may decrease your website traffic and thereby affecting your business. So, better go with simple domain name by choosing wisely from the required and available names.

Try to choose top-level extensions
Choosing the name extension also plays a major role. Try to pick the top-level popular domain such as .com, .org etc., if your business is global; otherwise, choose country based top level domain. This helps in boosting rankings of your site.

Try to follow these tips and register a fitting domain name for your website.