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Barcodes Facilitate Effortless Business Operations

A barcode is a scanned representation of data presented in the form of series of bars and spaces. A number of barcode standards have been developed to make organizations to perform more efficiently and accurately. Barcodes facilitates to run business operations easily, enabling the automation process in the routine tasks improving work efficiency and productivity.… Read More »

Usage of Barcode Labels for Industries

Barcode labels tags are perfect for asset and inventory management. Barcode labels are cost-effective. Barcode labels have a unique asset identification code. Every label is as white and black barcode bars and they contain information. These bars are readable by a barcode scanner with in few minutes of time. Thousands of items can be tracked… Read More »

Know About Retail Automation Equipment

For making the retail industry automated one has to be careful with the automation equipment. Wireless POS technology is being used for making the system automated. The retail automation equipment is growing tremendously because of the advantages. The present retail equipment must be simplified in such a way that the processes are done very easily.… Read More »

Classification Of Automation

Automation is the use of technology in manufacturing machines that take over work normally done by humans. It is nothing but the manual operation done by computerized techniques and advanced technologies, usually electronic hardware. Based on the production quantity and the product variety the automation has been classified into three types. They are: 1. Fixed… Read More »

Requirements For The Motion Control

Motion control is a sub field of automation, in which the position and /or the velocity of machines are controlled by using the devices like actuator, or an electric motor. It is even important part of robotics. It is widely used in the packaging, printing, textile, semi conductor production and assembly industries. Some of the… Read More »

Know About Home Automation

The advancement in technology lead to the home automation. Every thing in the home is being automated using the present advancements in technologies. We can do it by using automated techniques so as to make one’s life comfortable, simpler and easier. Home automation means making all the things in a home automated by using sensors,… Read More »

Types Of Barcode Data Collection Systems

There are three basic types of Barcode data collection systems. They are wireless, batch, and hybrid. Wireless systems A wireless system will have one or more portables linked in real time to a computer. In these systems, the central computer operates data collection and verification as the user records data. Wireless systems have many benefits… Read More »

Application Of Barcode Technology In Blood Banks

Barcode technology is a very important accessory for the operation of automated blood bank information system. The full support of barcode technology helps in increasing the blood bank working efficiency. For an instance, as all blood materials are systematically barcoded, the concerned practical procedures like laboratory testing and component creation can be done in same… Read More »

Types Of 2D Barcode Symbologies

Four types of barcode symbologies are PDF147, Datamatrix, maxicode and Quick Response (QR) code. PDF417 (Portable Data File): It is a high capacity two dimensional bar code developed by Symbol Technologies, Inc. A PDF417 symbol can occupy nearly 2000 characters of information, while a traditional linear bar code has difficulty in occupying more than 30… Read More »

Difference Between RFID and Barcode Technology

Barcode is the most prevalent method of labeling used today. Almost every product, which is being sold, has its own barcode, which makes it easier for the cashier to know the correct price of the product. A new tagging or labeling method known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), utilizes radio waves to fetch the data… Read More »