Monthly Archives: January 2009

Monroe Bancorp Bank Reports 50 Percent Lesser Profits

Asset quality issues, increase in stipulation from loan losses has resulted in 50 percent decrease of the net income for the Monroe Bancorp. According to the annual and quarterly results from the Monroe Bancorp, the net income has dropped by 49 percent in 2008 compared to the income in 2007. There was also a 48.3… Read More »

TB Patients More Likely To Be Substance-Abused

Around one in five TB patients of US are reported to be substance abused, which makes it hard for treating them. These people are also found to be more contagious than those TB patients who are not substance abused. According to a study from a group of medical practitioners, male Tuberculosis patients who are substance… Read More »

Mortal Kombat Imitation Sentences Teen for 36 Years

Video games are good to play. They are so popular because they take their players to a virtual world where they can do anything is not practicable in real life. But when people try to imitate them, very miserable results take place and this case is a good example for it. Lamar Roberts was an… Read More »

Bin Laden threatens Israel to stop attacks

After a long time, al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, comes before the world with his demand to stop aggression on Gaza. He has come up with war cry Jihad, against Israel for its violence against his fellow terrorist group Hamas. Jihad is said to be the holy war of Islam, which terrorists are naming… Read More »

Lenovo on a job cut spree

Lenovo announced that it is going to lay off 2,500 employees. This doesn’t surprise me as I have seen many lay offs; and the number is big compared to the tenure it occurred. Lenovo is doing well since three years after its integration with IBM PCs. Lenovo has agreed that it was a success. But… Read More »