Singapore’s tourism, affected adversely with the recession

By | July 7, 2009

Singapore is been known as a bigger tourism centre compared to tourism of many other nations.

Recent recession hit the tourism industry of Singapore very severely.

But the administration of this tiny city-state said that it hopes to recover soon. They boast of their low unemployment rate, strong business fundamentals, and the new strategies they are going to launch soon, will help them recover very soon.

However, the situation present is very depressing. Many of those big shopping streets, ever busy with tourists are now with a gloomy look.

This may be for a very short term. Nevertheless, even this short term might affect Singapore, as tourism plays a major role in Singapore’s income.

As the present conditions are not going to enhance very soon, they must look to 2010. The tourism Ministry has planned for the launch of two casino resorts and Marina Bay Financial Centre. What more is exciting here is that Singapore is also going to host for Youth-Olympic games.

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