How disability confident company works?

By | August 14, 2009

Disability awareness is easy to create by building disability confidence for an organisation. Company becomes disability confidence by understanding the different process of creating disability awareness among the employees or consumers etc. Disability awareness affects every aspect of business like employees, markets, stakeholders, suppliers everyone. First aspect, the organisation should know is how to create better understanding of disability measures taken by them.

Organisation should create enclosure work culture for all disabled employees, which helps in removing the barriers between the disabled employees. Without any barriers work is completed on time and with appropriate accuracy. Employees, customers, partners and valued stakeholders contribute some important information for organisation for improving the efficiency of its activities and some adjustments should be made for better contribution. They should not make any assumption about the people like how they react, what is needed for them, what they are expecting from the company.

Many companies have an opinion that recruiting and retaining disabled employees is costly practice but it is not so. Accommodating disabled employees is not very costly exercise as thought by many companies. The efficiency and productivity of work done by disabled employee can be as good as normal employee. Proper anticipation of requirements of disabled employees helps in increase the disability confidence in the organisation.

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