Know About the Maintenance of Rain Gardens

By | July 20, 2011

Fairy GardenGardening a home yard is a common way of landscaping. You can create a flower garden, vegetable herb garden, rock garden, water garden or a rain garden. Any of these gardening areas make your home more beautiful. Let’s know few things about the rain gardens here. A rain garden is a place where natural vegetation is included in water that is held in a depression. The water includes the rain water runoff from different areas like driveways, roofs or laws. Creating a rain garden is more interesting and beneficial. It also requires less maintenance.

As said, rain gardens include growth of native plants. These native plants have stronger root systems and can use the natural nutrients from the water and the native soils. So, they do not need fertilizers and hence, there is no need to worry about providing fertilizers for the rain garden plants.

However, you need to follow some maintenance tips at the time of establishment of rain garden and also during the periods of little or no rainfall.miniature trees When the plants are young and still in the period of establishment, they need some supplemental water during dry periods. This occasional watering may be necessary during the first year. Apart from watering, weeding should also be done during this period. Once the plants become established, they can out-compete the weeds.

The maintenance of rain gardens after establishment is very minimal. It only requires considerable and periodic pruning, mulching, thinning and plant replacement. Do not forget to inspect the rain garden immediately after the rainfall event to make sure that the rain garden is working as per the design.