Know the Plants that are Apt for Rain Gardens

By | July 21, 2011

miniature fairy gardensUsing creative ideas of landscaping make your home look beautiful and elegant. One such idea is to add a rain garden. A rain garden is a landscape or a planted depression which allows to hold rain water runoff from driveways, roofs or lawn. It needs less maintenance and in turn is helpful for improving the water quality. However, when you plan to have a rain garden in your home, then you should know certain things on the type of plants which can be grown in it.

A rain garden should incorporate native vegetation. Native do not require fertilizers for growth. They have good root systems and can utilize the water and nutrients present in the native soils. Anything like shrubs, perennials, wildflowers or a combination of these three, can be grown in rain gardens. It is preferred to choose wetland vegetation such as wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, sedges and small trees which take up excess water that comes into the rain garden.

Red maple, Sugar maple, Red chokeberry, Swamp milkweed, Lady fern, Wild ginger and Smooth asters are some of the plants which can be grown inminiature trees rain gardens. The native plants are tolerant to local climate, water and soil conditions. They attract local wildlife such as native birds and make the surroundings look beautiful and pleasing.

It is better to choose plants with moderate moisture requirements for areas which have moist and well-drained soil. Plants having low or moderate moisture can be grown at areas which are dry. Such plants are better for planting at the edges of the rain garden. The growing zone of rain gardens should have hardy perennial plants. Having known these things, select the right plants for your rain garden.