Rain Garden – A Unique Way of Landscaping

By | July 22, 2011

Fairy housesIt is obvious that everyone of us wish to make our home look beautiful and attractive. Applying various landscaping ideas to your outdoors increases the value of your home too. Adding a garden is the most common landscaping idea preferred by a majority of home owners. However, you can create a new style of garden called rain garden that is unique and different from the traditional garden.

A rain garden is a garden containing native perennials, shrubs and flowering plants which are planted in a small depression that is formed generally on a natural slope. The rain water runoff that flows from driveways, patios, lawns or roofs is held and soaked in the depression. A rain garden is an attractive and low-maintenance landscape alternative. It helps in protecting and restoring water quality.

Many people get confused with the rain garden and water garden. Remember that they are not the same. A water or a pond garden contains waterminiature houses throughout the year. However, a rain garden is dry most of the time. Water is held by the rain garden only during and after a rainfall. Most of the times, a rain garden is constructed on the downside of a slope on your property. It is positioned perpendicular to the slope of the land. Also, the length of the garden is more than its width. These features make it to catch the maximum amount of rainfall. The design and build of rain gardens depend on the soil conditions also. However, they require the least maintenance. You need not worry of the growth of plants in rain gardens as they mostly prefer native plants. So, better create a rain garden which is a beautiful part of landscaping.