Successful Recruitment is Measurable, How?

By | April 16, 2012

The objective of recruitment is to recruit the productive employees to organization. Productive employees are important, in contributing more work benefits to organization. In a recruitment process employee retention also considering important point.
Yes successful recruitment is measurable from the candidates work contribution and generating healthy work outputs from them.

Training sessions sharpen the candidates knowledge and its improve the practical work knowledge in organization. When the candidate is clever or intelligent they quickly perform in the training programs. These candidates require less training sessions so here organizations reduce the training expenses.

Employees performance shows the capabilities of the candidate and its measures his work contribution. Recruitment becomes successful, when organization getting more benefits from him than spending to him.

Manager satisfaction is possible when his teammates contribute targeted work within a time. Candidate satisfaction also contributes to organization, When the employees satisfy simultaneously their work contribution increases. Recruitment results measure with the candidate productivity.