AlloDerm Dental Treatment

By | July 2, 2014

AlloDerm is to restore the damaged gums of the teeth using grafting process. Treatment is carried out in a natural process by taking the skin from the human and modified from this natural tissue. This treatment is given to the people with following conditions:

  • People who loss underlying bone
  • During the loss of gingiva
  • When teeth root are exposed, root destruction, etc
  • Problems like sensitivity and decay

AlloDerm treatment:
The treatment is done by modifying the natural tissue taken from human skin. Before the treatment the donors of the tissue are tested to identify the diseases in them. After confirming that the tissue taken from the person is healthy, the dentist will proceed for the treatment. Tissue taken from the donor is modified to avoid problems like tissue rejection, cells responsible for immune and graft failure without any damage done to the matrix. Many tests are performed for the safety of the patient.

Treatment will be little painful and will be done under dentist supervision. Patient is given local anesthesia to avoid pain during treatment. During the process the tissue prepared will be attached to the gumline effected and will close it with stitches. After treatment the patient may fell some pain. He/she must take precautions suggested by the dentist.

Benefits of the treatment:

  • You can get treated for multiple teeth in one visit
  • Palatal donor surgery can be avoided by this treatment
  • Your teeth bone tissue will be healthy

Measures to be taken after treatment:

  • Use dentist recommended medicine to avoid pain
  • If bleeding occurs apply some gauze or moistened teabag in that area
  • You must rinse your mouth gently
  • Don’t use the tooth paste after the first week of the treatment and try to brush only on the non-surgical areas
  • Don’t ever touch the area where surgery is done
  • Avoid smoking
  • Maintain balanced and healthy diet
  • Avoid taking acidic foods
  • Consumption of alcohol and chewing of tobacco must be avoided
  • Don’t pull your lips to the surgical area

If you follow these precautions you can get healed very soon, otherwise it leads to some more complications.