Getting Rid of Frost Inside the Car

By | July 21, 2014

People usually get irritated due to frost on windshields of their cars in seasons like winter especially in some countries, where the snowfall is too high. In order to get rid of this problem, you should have some tools that will clean off the frost time to time and keeps your screen clear always so that you can move smoothly without any distractions. Some of the tips that will help you avoid frost are stated under.

    • Lift the wipers:

When there is lots of snow on the windshield start the wipers running. This keeps away the snow. But it can’t work out when there is huge deposit of snow on the car screen.

    • Use windshield washer

Wind shield washer can act as a anti freeze which can unfreezes the ice fast. This also get rid of the uneven absorption and gives you a clear screen. Windshield wipers will remove the soft ice from the screen. This washer will not harm your car parts.

    • Do scraping:

Scraping can be done with the help of the card. Do it smoothly. Use the credit card which can remove the scrap smoothly without causing any damage to the windshield. Dedicated scrapers doesn’t need much efforts than the credit card. Better do it with two or three cards so that your card doesn’t get damaged. If you can’t keep that much effort go for dedicated scrapers.

    • Warm the car windows

Warm the car windows from inside the car because in winter and rainy seasons even though you perform scraping and use wipers the windshield may contain some vapor which can be avoided when the heater is on. This will push the warm air outside from the windows to the windshield through which the vapor gets evaporated.

    • Control the temperature inside the car

Do the temperature settings and allow the air to come inside the car and get warm. This warm air may make the car keep you and your car warm.

    • Close the air vents

Air vents must be kept closed to keep your car warm rather than cool. This is another factor that can keep frost out of your cars windshield.

    • Go for cleaning it with water

Finally, if all this doesn’t work out when there is more snow go for cleaning the wind shields with water. Use a piece of smooth cloth or a scrubber along with water to keep the snow away from the screen.

These are some of the ways you can follow to get rid of the snow on the windshields of your car.