Features to consider for wine storage

By | January 5, 2010

Many features features need to be considered for storing of wine.

Shelves and Racks
The slots of wine racks should be large enough to nearly three and three quarter inches in order to accommodate large format bottles which are increasingly popular for wine. For wine collectors, it becomes easy to find racks that have as many of these larger capacity slots as possible.

For many wine cellars and wine cabinets, the inner racks are abandoned for easier access to all of one’s wine collection. This becomes useful feature for storage of a large number of bottles.

Placement of the Storage Unit
Before buying a storage unit for one’s wine collection, it is important to take into consideration the approval for the unit needs for proper cooling. Some wine storage pieces need up to six inches of gap around the whole unit. This should be followed when measuring the space in which the unit will be placed.

When searching for a wine cabinet or wine cellar, be sure and find one that is as vibration-free as system.

Keeping wine at perfect temperature is very essential. Insulation in the unit plays big part in maintaining exact temperatures in wine storage unit. Highest quality of insulation and insulation that is more than one and a half inch thick should be chosen.

If a home owner wishes to convert a room into a wine cellar, wine racks that are sold by Wine Cellar Innovations are particularly useful.

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