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Why Car Oil should be Changed Regularly

To extend the life of a car, the basic car maintenance you should not neglect on regular basis. The engine of a car is the most important part as it contains more number of moving parts like crank shaft, pistons, shafts and the camshaft. The oil in the engine acts as a lubricant and keeps… Read More »

Biggest Car break-down Hassles and How to Avoid Them

Imagine your car stopped in the middle of the road and you need to pull your car. Regular vehicle maintenance can help in avoiding such kind of situation. Other than accidents, there are many other common reasons for ending up stranded by the side of the road and in this article, we will discuss the… Read More »

Get to Know Solar Powered Cars

Due to huge pollutants emitting by running cars/vehicles using fossil fuels, there is concern to mitigate the evil effects. Automakers have become conscious and are looking for renewable energy run and eco friendly vehicles/cars to manufacture. In this article, we will discuss solar cars: how they work and the advantages. How a solar panel works… Read More »

Diagnose Your Overheating Engine

When the weather is warm and you are in your car, you will depend on your car’s cooling system such as air conditioner. Like the car is also depends on its cooling system which has coolant that absorbs and circulates the heat through the system and send it out. Here we will see how to… Read More »

Tips on Maintaining Your Car

Maintaining your car in a good condition will help you in keeping it safe, driving it for long time and can be sold in a better price. In this article, we will discuss some common tips for maintaining your car that will help in increasing the life of the same.

Car Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

Today, people buying diesel cars for the first time have a lot of fears and doubts about diesel engines. Most common apprehension for them is the diesel engines have caused higher maintenance. But it is a myth today. The advancement in diesel engine technology made diesel vehicle compete with gasoline ones.

Additional Costs While Buying a New Car

There are some additional costs while buying a new car. You may successfully negotiate the car price, but you cannot avoid these additional costs. Most of the people do not include these in their budgets, because of lack of aware. Documentation fee, vehicle registration fee and sales tax are the most common additional expenses. There are some charges for legal and some are other. Now we will see them in clear.

Car Care Tips in Summer

Car maintenance in summer is a challenging task. Summer heat can affect your car’s performance and may result in breakdown. The summer care is little different than the other seasons. It will help to prevent some common problems faced in summer. In this article, we will discus these problems and how to prevent them.

Safety Driving Tips in Floods

Flood warnings are usually declared through news media such as television and radio. Some times flash floods will happen because of heavy rain. If there are chances of floods then it is better to avoid driving during such circumstances. If possible change your travel schedule. But if you are caught in a flood, here’s what you should do to stay safe while you’re driving the car.