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Tips On Doing Job Analysis Before The Recruitment Process

Job analysis plays a vital role in recruitment process. This is the very first step in the recruitment process. Job analysis means collecting and organizing the information about the job. Each job will have specific tasks and responsibilities. The recruiter should need to identify those tasks and responsibilities before hiring a candidate. It is better […]


How disability confident company works?

Disability awareness is easy to create by building disability confidence for an organisation. Company becomes disability confidence by understanding the different process of creating disability awareness among the employees or consumers etc. Disability awareness affects every aspect of business like employees, markets, stakeholders, suppliers everyone. First aspect, the organisation should know is how to create […]


Tips for choosing a good professional recruiter

People look for job, believe that selecting a good recruiter helps them in getting good job but this may not be true. In the world of recruiting, recruiter selects you and you do not select any recruiter. Process of apply for a job in recruiting agency and employer process to seek the recruiter in employing […]


Lenovo on a job cut spree

Lenovo announced that it is going to lay off 2,500 employees. This doesn’t surprise me as I have seen many lay offs; and the number is big compared to the tenure it occurred. Lenovo is doing well since three years after its integration with IBM PCs. Lenovo has agreed that it was a success. But […]

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Recruiting firm’s mistakes while recruiting a permanent employee

Recruiting the permanent employee is one important task for recruiting firm. Unfortunately, mistakes are common and they have stories of new hires that turned out to be completely incompetent. An investment in more reliable permanent recruitment processes of company towards recruiting firm is paying off faster and for longer. One of the most common mistake […]