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Importance of Calcium for Oral Health

Calcium plays an important role in maintaining oral health. However, people don’t consider the importance of calcium. Calcium not only makes your teeth strong , but also strengthens jaw bones. Deficiency of calcium can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore, it is very essential for maintaining oral health. You need to make dental care a good start: as early age as possible. Make sure that your kids’ teeth get a good start by eating healthy right from the pregnancy onwards which will help in forming strong teeth for the baby.

Various Causes of Gum Inflammation

Oral health care is very much essential without which aesthetics and even health of teeth and mouth gets affected. One of the various dental health issues is gum inflammation which is often the result of bad oral health practices. Gum inflammation is a condition where the gums become red and swollen. This may be because… Read More »

Know the Factors Affecting Root Canal Costs

Dental problems became most common among many people. Root canal treatment is considered as the best treatment for treating dental problems. The problems of root canal are treated by removing the infected pulp of the root canal after which the tooth is sealed. This process seems to be simple. However, it needs many visits to… Read More »

Want to Reduce Pain after Root Canal?

It is often seen that many people fear of having root canal treatment because of many myths that it is painful, expensive and so on. However, it is important and necessary to have the treatment in order to reduce the pain associated with it. Certain care and maintenance has to be taken after the root… Read More »

Causes of Pain after Root Canal Therapy

Pain related to the root canal is difficult to bear and it is necessary to undergo a root canal treatment at the primitive stage itself. In a root canal treatment, the dentist removes the pulp inside the tooth which is infected, cleans the cavity and seals it back. Though the process seems to be simple,… Read More »

Know Certain Post Root Canal Symptoms

Not only the outer appearance, but also the inner structure of the teeth is important. The dental pulp or the nerves inside the tooth get damaged due to infection and decay or accidents. The pain associated by it is unbearable and a root canal is perfect for solving the problem. However, immediately after the treatment,… Read More »

Necessity of Using Dental Crowns

If you feel that you cannot smile properly because of your cracked teeth you can opt for a dental crown. A dental crown is nothing but a cap that is placed on an existing teeth. The entire visible part of the teeth above the gum line is covered by a dental crown. It helps in… Read More »

Importance of 3D Technology in Dental Imaging

Conventional scanning of teeth was done by normal X-rays which produce a 2D image. The image reflects the location of teeth and height of bone. Modern scanning methods include 3D technology. Dental imaging by 3D technology has many benefits. Highly detailed pictures are provided by digital 3D imaging. It represents anatomy of a patient, which… Read More »