Monthly Archives: July 2011

Make Yoga a Habit to Live Longer

Many people do have a doubt or a question in their mind that, is it true that Yoga increases our span of live? However, the fact is people who do Yoga on a regular basis can live longer without any health problems. Compared to other forms like doing regular exercises, going to gyms, meditation and… Read More »

Know About Advantages of Freezer cooking

Freezer units are used in households, in industry and for commercial purposes. These are used for extended storage of perishable foods. Freezer Cooking is an assembly line cooking method and in a single day freezer cooks process large quantities of food. Following are the advantages of freezer cooking: Since a large amount of food can… Read More »

Things to Carry When Traveling with Your Pet

Getting ready to travel for a vacation with your pet? Then, remember that apart from packing your luggage, you should arrange the luggage for your pets too. Many pet owners feel it difficult and worrisome to pack their pet’s requirements. But, it’s not. Here are some things to carry when traveling with your pet. Pet… Read More »

Know How Alcohol Effects Human Body

According to MMWR, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2009, approximately half of 79,000 deaths per year in US are caused only due to Alcohol. Excessive use of alcohol was the third leading preventable cause of death in US. Many people these days knowingly spoiling their lives by getting addicted to alcohol. Its effects are so… Read More »

Make Jar Lantern Using Glow Sticks

Playing with glow sticks is a great fun irrespective of the age groups. Kids really enjoy doing it. Why should we suppress their interest by just letting them play with glow sticks. Lets show them some interesting crafts using these glow sticks so that they will learn as well as play at the same time.… Read More »

Fidelity and Transparency in Translation

Due to the wide spread of translation in all the major fields, it is very important to check the quality of the translated work. The ultimate goal of the translator is to change the source language in to target language with out disturbing the original meaning. There should be some standards to check the quality… Read More »